Happiness Starts with Him


I smile too much when he texts me

Everything he says makes me grin

Down at my phone

Down at my computer

Down at him


He makes me want to listen to country songs

And I hate country music

With a passion

But I love him with a passion too


He makes me day-dream

About the future

About him

About us

There isn’t even technically an us


When he says he loves me

I curl around my heart

Hoping that its pounding won’t break through

When he calls me baby

I glow with joy


He makes me understand

What happy is

He makes me think that my future exists

He shows me how to be normal

He melts the ice

He breaks the wall

Use whatever clichéd metaphor you want,

He got to my center


When he calls me cute

I giggle

When he texts me

I dance around the house like a child again

I fill with energy

I love him

And he loves me

Whether its for what I give him

Or for me

I don’t care

Because he makes me smile too much


So much,

That my mom asks

“Why are you smiling, dear?”

She knew how odd it was

For me to be happy

That was why I had to sit in a room with a lady once a week

But he took away my complaints

He listened to me explain why

Why I hated myself

And he gave me reasons not to

He gave me a reason to keep going

He gave me him


I never really understood the whole

“It only takes one person”

Mantra given to us in school assemblies

But now I do

It took him

Not one person


That’s what changes things


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