Happiness is a Privilege

The stars glistening, lighting up the sky

Opens up my eyes, and makes me realize

There is a beautiful world above them

Giving me hope, to continue my day

I know in my heart there will come a day

I will pack up my things and move away

Walk out the door, with my heart on my sleeve

Ready to make the long journey leading me

To my destiny, so I can accomplish my dreams

I will be successful and filled with joy

Because I know myself better than anyone else


Just like the glistening stars, light up the sky

My future will shine just as bright

Happiness is a privilege to be given

For me to truly be filled with joy

I must do the impossible and conquer my fears

Becoming an inspiration

Is all I want out of life, to make others happy

That is my lifetime goal and always be

I will be successful and filled with joy

Because I have a voice dying to be heard


Like the glistening stars, light up the sky

My light will be seen all over the world

You will find me in broken hearts,

Lost souls, the abused and neglected

I will be there, giving them hope

And reminding them, life is an earthquake

It starts out whole, and slowly crumbles

Bit by bit, till it seems impossible

To keep your head above the boiling lava


You will be successful, we will be successful

Because happiness is a privilege we all deserve

I will inspire and fill joy into broken hearts

That is my destiny that I will complete.

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