Happiness at Last


United States
35° 26' 42.828" N, 106° 51' 11.6568" W

You are someone new, someone who hasn't been tainted by my memories
Yet with you, my soul feels free.
I can see you have a heart
If I knocked, would you invite me in?

You are like the reflection I see everyday in the mirror
Yet with you, I see myself clearer
I start to call out to you, but the echos are pointing out imperfections of me
I outstretch my hands, but you I can't reach!

You are as special as the stars, yet just as far away
So I give in and let the voices drag me away
But what is this I see?
It looks like YOU are calling ME

I crawl a little closer, as far as I dare go
It's as though I am at the edge of a deep, dark pool
If I go any further I might sink in
And be swallowed whole by a shark of my own imagination

I let out a cry of desperation, but there was no need!
You swooped in and swept me off my feet!
And suddenly the dark ocean is gone
And I instantly burst into song

This song isn't like anything you'd see on t.v.
It's more of like how you were made for me!
And happiness at last I found
When in the sound of my alarm clock, I drowned!


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