Happiness is

Sleeping in late.

Blue skies.


Shy smiles and 

First kisses.

Hearing music and

falling rain. 

Seeing an old friend and 

making new friends. 

Someone telling you they are proud of you.

Someone telling you they love you.

Someone telling you they miss you. 

Fireworks and 

summer nights. 

Success you worked hard for and 

Having faith in something. 

Finishing your homework on time. 



Driving through a forest. 

Road trips. 

Smelling homemade cookies. 

Someone giving you a hug. 

Someone giving you all they have. 

Someone giving you a smile. 

Getting a job, after multiple rejections. 

Finding something you thought you lost. 

A new car. 

Fresh landury. 

Putting on a jacket after being cold. 

Smelling the ocean. 

Breathing in salty air. 

Sugary sand. 

Country- side quiet. 

City loud. 

Telling someone you care about them. 

Seeing the light in someones eyes. 

Being told you have potential. 


Putting on sunglasses. 

Watching a funny movie. 

Being at a party and feeling included. 

Seeing a soilder come home. 

Getting a medal. 

Taking a bite after being really hungry. 

Drinking after being really thristy. 

Someone believing in you. 

Someone telling you to do better. 

Hot showers.

Cold pools. 

Fresh fruit. 

Crisp vegetables. 

A big piece of cake. 

Making a baby smile. 

Having a toddler call you on the phone. 

Imagining your future with someone. 

Knowing someone will always be your friend. 

Getting a paycheck. 

Saving money. 

Hearing birds chrip. 

Hearing cats purr. 

Hearing dogs bark. 

Putting on new shoes. 

Taking a good picture. 

Going to a wedding. 

Seeing people in love. 

Being in love. 

Holding hands. 


Old books. 

Looking out windows. 

Being yourself. 

Seeing someone be themselves. 

Swinging on swingsets. 

Wiping off sweat after a hard workout. 

Not having to set an alarm. 

Sleeping after a long day.

Good dreams. 


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My community
My country


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