Maybe it's the way the sun rises in the East
The beaches and sun-tanned people in the West
Sweet Tea and Peach Cobbler in the South
Or the yelling yankees bustling about and belligerent coffee barristas in the North
Perhaps it's the refreshing aroma of sweet grass and blooming flowers During Spring
Freezing weather and armies of snowmen in the Winter
The mophoring of leaf color and newpaper filled creatures hanging from poles in the Fall
Or frivolous clothing , sandals and scorching temperatures in the Summer
Oh, it might be the women in brightly colored dresses baking bizcocho
The well-wishing neighbors across la calle
Or gleeful children playing futbol americano in the streets
I Know it's the hope that i have for a brighter day
The love i carry inside my heart
The way i keep my head high in troubled rimes
How faith keeps me so strong
And the eternal peace that the world will one day hold

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