Happily Never After

Thu, 08/06/2015 - 13:57 -- lprovo

Happily Never After


A heart that once loved and was forever cherished,

Withering and weeping left alone to perish,


To perish and die like the cold breeze on brush,

I just want to breathe and silence the dust,


The dust that's building burying me alive,

Cementing in all the pain you left deep inside,


Inside of my body burning with guilt,

That I let go of a life you and I had once built,


Built so weak one shake and it crumbled,

I can't do this anymore were the last words you mumbled,


Mumbled so softly but heard loud and clear,

Not looking for a fix, answer or cure,


A cure to mend what was broken so soon,

You promised me the world the sun and the moon,


You said the moon but I'd rather have stars,

Pluto or Jupiter not shackles and bars,


Bars that now bind me from loving again,

You were my everything, my husband, my happy back when,


When things were beginning a new life, a new chapter,

Now you will just be remembered as my happily never after.


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