Happily Ever After

Monster, I used to love you

And you told me you loved me


You told me you loved learning about the stars

And I thought that was because they were what beamed out of my eyes when I looked at you


You told me I was an Angel

And I know I had glittering, naive wings

But that never gave you the right to tatter them


I never saw you as a monster

All I saw were your beautiful blue eyes and

Almond hair

I saw your 230 pound frame walking toward me in the halls with a smile

And all I felt was happiness

But your smile is now a threat

And I hear your footsteps

Thundering toward me

Launching my heart onto a never ending racetrack and catapulting my mind back to that beautiful bright day when you took off your disguise


Monster, you thought you were a king that day.

I had come to you with eyes so schooled

Taught to no longer see my own strength

And all it took were a few, fatal words to slap my face and when I looked back at you all I saw was a spiky red devil pull out his demonic sword



When you stabbed me you poisoned

My soul

And I know it’s been two years since you raped me

But I have not cried enough to rid myself of that poison yet


And Monster

You enormous, flaming beast

You still sit next to me in class

As my wound continues to bleed.

And sometimes your eyes wander,

settling inevitably on me,

making my muscles freeze while you perch with pride upon your chair

As happy as can be


I did not want to write this poem about you

Because you do not deserve it

But someday I might see you again

Either in school or in other men

Because unfortunately Monster

You bare your teeth and show your face all over this world,

But I know what you look like now

And Lord knows my future daughter never will

So thank you for teaching me strength

And by the way,


Your body might be strong enough to carry thor’s hammer but you will never be worthy of a God’s touch and I’ll be damned if my goddess of a daughter will ever have to lay her eyes on you so with all the other surviving women in this world:

We drive you from us,

Whoever you may be,

Unclean spirits,

Corrupted by misogyny,

all satanic powers,

all femme invaders,

Most cunning beast,

you shall no more dare to deceive me

Or any of my fellow sisters

And I command riddance of you

We command riddance of you

So begone you terrible monster

Because me is now we and you

Are nothing.


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