Happier Supermarket, Jealous Flowers

Thu, 03/22/2018 - 08:01 -- knolfo


There are three cranberries left on the counter

A reminder of us I can’t seem to wipe away

It was different then

When we first fell

Crashing into our own oblivion

Back when everyday was an infinity

And we were timeless

The whole world bowed down to us

And we ruled them all

Kings and Queens marveled at the sight

Of us, together, unstoppable

But that’s gone now, our trumpets gone quiet

We are nothing more than a murmur

Dying flowers that I forgot to throw away

Poisoning the air with our memories

Three red stains on a counter,

Three long days we should not have to remember

And a promise I can’t seem to forget

Trust like a bridge, charred and ruined

Texts never sent,  love never spoken

How was I supposed to know?

Lies tear us apart

The silence is suffocating

Silence that I can’t break

I shout into the void sometimes

Thinking you’ll respond

But you, like the cranberries, stay silent

As if one day, I’ll just leave you

Forgotten, collecting dust

The ability to love has no gaps

No impossibilities

I thought you’d come back

It’d be some kind of cruel joke

Is it warmer there, where you’re at?

I know you hate the cold

I only want the best

Is it?

Do you miss me?

Would you change it?

Are the stars pretty tonight?

Distance transcending time, lifting us up

The air separating everything

As if on different planets

An empty page stares back

Of a letter I know you won’t respond to

I threw out the stuffed animals today

If you really loved them, you would have brought them with you

Or come back for them

Like me

Just like me

Did you mean to leave me?

Was it an accident?

Or am I just three cranberries left on the counter:

Not worth the effort?

Something you’d rather never was

A ex whatever we were

Nothing worth the time

Not worth the tears

The lies whip up a tornado around me

My anger a bonfire, scalding my skin

They told me that the human body was 87% water

You were 13% of me

So I gave myself to the fire, let it burn off everything it could

When I breathed back to life,

My arms and legs burned, bones exposed, you were still there

You were never the part to burn off

You were never the one to leave

Except when you did

When I said forever, I meant it

Even if you didn’t

So I’ll go home and google

15 original ways to get stains out of my counter

And a girl off my mind

But yeah,

I’m fine


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