Tue, 02/09/2016 - 15:48 -- EddyC

My grandfather was a carpenter

he worked his hands his whole life.

Made use of the 29 bones 

given to him

he created universes 

out of

wood and sand paper.

Using Skin and bones

every joint and ligament

with precision to craft

life out of fire and brimstone.

He lived with those hands.


When men built the Tower of Babel

God descended from his throne to confuse them.

He realized men, had found out the power hidden

In the crevices of their hands 

He said: 

Because he realized they  have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them "


God knows that these 

hands make create, take, break 

they shake.

Our hands have been given to us        

as our greatest tools.

These hands have built sky scrapers 

that scratch the Floor boards of 


cities have been built as outreached hands to God. 


Buildings and skyscrapers I find interesting,

 Interesting because these 

structures when stripped 

down are similar to the 

anatomy of our hands. 

Made with concrete like skin

bones made of rebar

ropes as ligaments and 

joints of iron. 


Using these 123 ligaments,                

Leo created the Mona Lisa,            

Every brush, every stroke 

in increments

a witness to his genius.


48 nerves allow A young mother

To feel the heartbeat of 

 her infant daughter.

 A witness of her life.



30 Arteries pumped the blood

That was spilled on Calvary's cross.

9 inch nails pierced the hands of the savior.

Hands which raised nations

 and beaconed sailors. 

Hands which healed the sick, and the

afflicted. The poor and the meek,

Those too weak,

To provide a witness-


I find it unfair that a carpenter turn king

would give his life for a

commoner like me. 

Someone who isn't worthy to sing or 

utter his name.

So you can imagine the shame a 

youngster like me could muster. 


Let this be  a call to action,

how will you use the two hands given to you?

Will you love with these hands?

Will you help with these hands?

Will you withstand with these hands?

Stand like a champ with these hands?  


I willing object, to use these hands to

pull the trigger. I will do everything in my being,

no matter the rigger. I will not be the killer, 

Who drives the nails into His hands. 



I hope one day my hands will be holding the flashlight

Which guides those lost in the dark.

I hope this light can glorify

His good works so that they can see

What he has created with

His hands.

Thank You.



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