Long stiff fingers on delicate hands

Soft pursed lips and a determined chin

Dust in the wind mixed with the scent of fresh bailed hay

Warm fingers that trail through a child’s locks


Pastel stained hands and long night shifts

Four kids and college work due

Old cowboy movies all done right

Snuggles on that beat up couch


Quick hands that seem to dance

A southern drawl and belly laugh

The cursing of a sailor whose ship is always clean

With many lessons to teach


Carpenter hands and many laugh lines

The smoke from the grill rising into the sky

Music playing while the hammock swings

Big bear hugs that never end


Small hand that seem weak

A love for animals that runs deep

Sadness that left wounds have scarred

A new light that gives her life

Callused hands and a hardened face

Lots of work and time to laugh

Butterfly kisses late at night

As he hugs his little girl tight


Strong hands that hold on tight

Moving forward with all her might

Dreams to chase, things to see

Hand and hand we are free


Working hands that grasp at love

From the bottom we work our way up

A family fragmented but strong and true

This is where I come from


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