From the Hand of an Obsessed Writer-Editor

Raptures of the deep

Sing me to sleep

As I recall the glorious day.

My own eyes have never seen

What the words have to say.


A three-year-old

Fairies' gold

It was shown to me where to look.

For so long have I wandered

A wondrous world in a book.


An adept to read

Wishes to feed

The wide-eyed wonders of the everyday life.

The children must know, gently,

Both love and strife.


Pen in hand

I try to understand

The beginning and the end.

Explanations come much easier 

From the hand of a friend.


First comes school

That's the rule

Work comes first, then success.

Without some discipline

I could never impress.


English degree

That's for me

It would be great to support myself

As a book editor by day

At night I would take my own books off the shelf.


A bare apartment

Empty window casement

Apple on the shelf with tea

A dog on the floor- that's all.

It'll never be about money.



This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the rhyme scheme!

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