Hallway Passing


How hard is it to be a decent human being?

To have respect?

To do what’s right?

How hard is it to help a boy

Who’s dropped all his books on the ground?


Apparently it’s very hard.

Because you’re insecure.

And afraid that people will judge you-

for being nice?

Yeah for being nice.


You think that if you help that boy

Pick his books up off the ground,

Then people will start to think that you’re friends with him.


And if you’re friends with the boy they

Might start calling you “Freak”

Or loser

Or something even worse,

Because that’s what they call him,

And they won’t let you hang out with them anymore.


And so you walk on by with your friends

And they kick his books

And laugh really loud

And as you’re about to pass

You stop.


Who are these people?

And how does the boy stay so calm?

He doesn’t say a word.

He doesn’t shed a tear.

Maybe because he’s used to the torment?


Then you remember

That quote you read somewhere

“How people treat you is their karma,

How you react is yours.”1

And it all makes sense.

And you realize you had it all backwards.

And so you help him pick his books off the ground.


1 Dr. Wayne Dyer


Jasmine M.

For some reason it posted twice, I'm sorry. *update: I fixed it, nevermind*

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