Halls of Dispair

Today I am trapped in echoing halls

filled with the smokey darkness.

Unable to see what good lies await.


I can't hear anything besides the calling

the voices of creatures and monsters

the screaming of demons

with no shape, no material form,

reverberating of the marble walls.


I can't feel anything

but the numbness in my body

the cold engulfing me

freezing me in place

so I may stay for the torture that is to take place.


I can't smell anything

except the metallic aroma of blood

coming from an unknown source

pooling around me.


I am stuck here in this palace

of darkness, pain, and fright.

Exaughsted and afraid

that my many attemps to escape

are fultile hope.

That no matter how much I have fought

,my efforts are not enough.

Cause I can hear the rattling chains

being brought out again

to incarcerate me in the darkest pits.


The very pits where I fought to keep hope alive

where they tried to extenguish what light I had inside.

Where they tried to take my spark,

where they tried to make me break,

from after so many years of struggling 

I finally escaped.


So I close my eyes and pray

hoping that an angel or God may hear

my desperate pleas

because I feel alone,

and I won't go back.

I need the strength to fight off the up coming attack.

So I look at the smoke,

at the creatures without shape,

I take a deep breath and wait...



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