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Dreams fill the senses and ensnare the mind.

Not the dreams at night, no, I speak of a different kind.

The dreams that occur in the light of day,

Not the dreams that appear when the sun has gone away.

At any given moment the daydreams will envelopment me completely,

And since they amuse me to my core, I let them do so freely.

I am a superhero, who wields the bursting nova of the sun.

All the while being a villain, and my tyranny has just barely begun.


I am a - someone calls my name and I am snatched back.

Back to the primitive boredom of reality.

Back to a place where I am as simply human as can possibly be.

Back. Back. Back to my daydreams is where I’ll go.

But I have to stay for at least some time. So much to do.

So many tasks. Things the super hero me would never have to do.

Half in Reality and half in Daydreams.


Now my task is done and I am once again free.

Free to dream my dreams and free to be me.

Now I am soaring through the skies with wings like an angel.

I dip, and zip, and turn at impossibly graceful angles.

I am father time and the chronological grains of eras past,

Are mine to control, to stop or let last.


Again I must return to reality.

Fulfill more tasks. Do this and that and that and this.

Until such time as my tasks are complete,

I shall remain half in Daydreams and half in Reality.


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Pangolin the Poet

This poem really spoke to me.  Thank you for posting!

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