Most people don't see the beauty

In something so fine

But yet so thick

With curls so tight

Or stick straight locks

Hair is a science

But is seen as a crock


Dutch braids

French and all,

What do they mean?

I do need the wherewithal

To explain how important

Hair really is.

There are all different kinds

Of hair in the world,

Different colors,

Different styles, 

And different kinds of curls.

It would be impossible

To imagine

A life

Without something 

So important

My hair is my best friend

It highlights my face

The colors capture people

My hair can tell a story

It tells different stories


It cannot be dull

It is a science

It is an art

It is my future,

It holds a special place in my heart.

One day I will be the best

And everyone will say,

"Look at her hair,

What a beautiful display

Of something so great

And something so grand"

And everyone will wonder

How I could have planned

Such an intricate use

Of hair so fine

It's just what I do,

My hair is all mine

It's going to be my future, 

Hair is my world

I can wax it

I can cut it

I can make it unfurled.

And there is so much more

That hair holds for me,

In this way I am blessed,

It's my open door.







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