Hades True Desire - Kai O.

Kai Orozco

September 2019


Lonely, sad, set apart from the world around him.

Hades sits in his room thinking he might not fit into his own reality.

His Father looking at him, despising what he has become.

He dreams of a day he will be compared equally to his brother.


He feels unworthy of his family's presence.

His Dad is a wealthy, successful stockbroker,

And his handsome brother Zeus has followed in his footsteps.

Hades on the other hand, is different, self indulgent in his own will.

He wants to live up to his Father’s high expectations, but he can’t

He can’t and he won’t, he wants to create his own reality.

Follow in his own footsteps.

He feels he is obligated to conform to his Father’s desires.

But he can’t and he won’t.


Hades is insecure about his appearance comparatively.

He desires to be beautiful inside out.

His recollection brings to him the realization that beauty is desire in disguise.

Listening to essential outside influences feels needed. 

But he can't and he won’t.


His Father needs him to comply with his demands or he will take action.

But he can’t and he won’t


“Get out of my house now! Follow your own path somewhere else!”

Now he is all alone, feels abandoned and distraught.

He has no place to go, nowhere to be.

He wanders but sees nothing, finds sadness eventually,

settles down onto a bench and weeps.

Maybe he’ll feel okay tomorrow.

But he can’t and he won’t.


This hatred for his Father and family builds rapidly.

He can’t control it.

He goes to a place where he can be king of his own destiny.

And he can and he will.

He arrives at his destiny, a metamorphic existence is present.

He feels alive.

The king of his own wealth, greed, and anger.

Bitter at his Father, he agrees to never speak to him again.

He prospers and grows.

Finally, growing into someone he is proud of,

What his destiny wanted him to be.

A King of his own land.

An artist creating his own life.

Art is his passion and no one can take it away.

His Father’s desires don't exist any longer.

His will for himself is what matters.

He feels complete.

No more does the outside voices telling him to conform,

Push him away from his true intended passions.

He can do all.

He is and He will.


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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