Hades Rhymes with Me

The Underworld- wait,

Sorry, sometimes my brain is a little late

My room is the epitome of Hades

Ya know The Underworld?

I understand

Because I am the epitome of Hades 

but Hades, himself

I think he might like me

Or maybe not

No one appreciates my existence

They don't appreciate my presence

But wait, can't my boy Hades relate?

He sits cooped down there

While I sit all day in my room

I mean don't we, too, enjoy the fresh air?

This led us to our doom

Because guess what?

We don't care anymore.

Say what you want but 

Nothing matters, ice fills our core

Everything is such a drag

We need people but no one wants us, that's about it

Maybe we can hang out soon, I won't nag

Just give me a pomegranate


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