Had I Heard Myself


I had always been an introvert

Never had I spoken out when I saw right or wrong

Even when I saw others hurt

"The easy life is what I long"

I didn't have many friends when I first arrived

To junior high

"Join a club! Be involved!" I heard

But I never answered

And so junior high was a blur of loneliness


When I blinked once or twice I was a freshman

"Join a club! Be involved!" Was drilled into my head again

And again I hadn't spoken out

First freshman, then sophmore, I wasted away in highschool

Thinking, "Eventually I'll find something to do."

"Why are you never involved?" was asked of me

I just repeated, "Eventually, eventually"

Soon eneough I realized the voice asking those questions

that penetrated my dome

were none other than my own


"Be involved, join a club

Express yourself doing something you love

Create ever important relationships

and ever lasting memories"

So listen to me now that I am speaking out

And hear the things I wish my past self wanted to know about

Friends, memories, relationship rich and wealth

And create those bonds I would have long ago

Had I heard myself


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