Tue, 08/19/2014 - 02:11 -- Rendle

I’m constantly craning my neck

Why’re you so hard to forget?

Four years I spent wandering through the desert only to return to the same oasis

Two more I wasted a way searching for the sea

I never found that blue saline and now I thirst for that old lush green

Your eyes finding mine.

Tears run thick and fast, my blood pumps so hard

All I can taste is the salt

The salt pressed into the wounds ev’ry time I see your face.

In the beginning there were dreams

Those tapestries are tattered at the seams

In the end there is what was

I’ve got to take action here because

Now? Now is my last chance

The last big chance that I must face

The last hurdle in a 110 race

I don’t run hurdles.

Hurdles come one after another, each only a small obstacle

Hurdles seek to tire you out by repetition

The same

My life has never been the same

You’ve got one shot and each time the bar gets higher

They say practice makes perfect

When practice makes permeant

But no amount of practice will help me over this time

There is no coach for life better than Trial

And I have a race to win against Error

As we all do against the clock against death

A word is dead when it is said some say

If I stay silent I will die that way

And now I’ve got to choose:

To Live, Love, Laugh, or Lose.


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