That Guy

Tue, 08/04/2015 - 20:15 -- str1993


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I'm sitting in the break room, trying to be alone... 

reflecting on my past ; bitter because it's made me different 

Yes, I have regrets and remembering adds salt to the wound

Perhaps this is how I punish myself, knowing I can never turn back time

to have a second chance and prove that I love them.

I never imagined myself a traitor, but now I drown in shame.


I'm pulled from my thoughts at the sound of his charming laugh.

His smile is bright as I see him passing by.

I think that was me once ; happy go lucky ... honest

Many will say it's not my fault , that I was a victim.

In my heart though I know that I've killed a part of my soul.

That emptiness makes me so cold.


Can I ever trust someone again ?  To understand, to keep me warm...

I long for companionship , for love ; is it even real

In search of "love" I've made sacrifices that weren't worth the cost. 

Should I care so much ? If only I could stop dreaming !

He sits at my table and makes me feel... warm

He is kind and cautious with his words ; A perfect gentleman


He introduced himself as "That Guy" , what an ego or

maybe just good humored fun, do I even recognize that anymore ?

I want to... I want to laugh, to smile, be warm... I want to be happy.

With that, a flame in me rekindles, realizing that dreams define us

and if we believe , we can work to make it real or enjoy the moments of clarity 

I would rather die an old dreamer than without hope.


That Guy asked me out for Chinese food soon enough. 

All the time I've spent with him has made me feel alive again

I feel loved for who I was and who I want to be. 

It makes me fearless as I strive towards my goals in life 

making my dreams come true , knowing he is by my side .

I'm forever in love with That Guy. 



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