they smiled just not long                                                                       5

before the tears

her heart was bitterly taken

by the gunning

living the floor in mess,                                                                       10

instead of tears, they cheers

walk and lost in the moon


they arrive in the noon

only to squabble over spoon

after inebrately slapped by wine,                                                           15

my heart is gone

there you fist obviously fine

she said,

happily they cry

try'n to put up with lies                                                                          20

'cause every bone will soon dry,

but not with a gun'cry !

she boo.


would gift of nature

always be the cause                                                                               25

of the grief of man

'cause they smiled just not long

before the gun'cry

living the floor in mess

her heart was unexpected taken                                                                    30









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