Gumdrops and Rainbows


I just want my life to be gumdrops and rainbows.

A place with no depression, no suffering, no enemies

or woes.

Why couldn't my life be like Disneyland,

A place with no stress, all love, a place

where I have a chance-

A chance to live in peace. A chance to believe in life and

love, a place where the deceased don't exist

My worries and stresses are lifted,

A life of cartoons and fantasies,

a playground filled with wishes.

Why does this place only exist in my head?

Why can't it be real?

Why are the cartoons fantasy, why can't that

always be the way I get to feel?

Why is it all made up, but all my problems are reality.

Why do I live in this place, and the only place to

escape is in my dreams?

I'll get to escape this place one day

and maybe I'll have the privilege to never return. 

But for now I'll live in my fantasies,

 and pray someday I'll live in my dreams.




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