The Guilty Platform


As I stood here before you today
I ask you what do you see
do you see me
do you see my many talents, beautiful smile, my many accomplishments
or do you see 
my many failures, shortcomings, and hidden scars
The hidden scars left by my guilt
the guilt that tortures me day and night 
as I hide my face in shame 
for shamed by the evil stares
the stares from my many judges 
judged by the dirty saints 
of my everyday life
and then I look above
wondering God, why me
when I see a sign in the sky
and I wonder
God, hast thou forsaken me 
has thou left me alone
to perform for my sinful audience
to put on a smile for my many viewers
Holier than thou
I have no sin 
only the dirt that I bury deep within
deep within my soul 
as I suffer silently


This poem is about: 
Our world


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