Guilty as Charged

How did I get here?

Why did I stay?

I’m searching for sunshine,

But my home is the rain.

Home is the prison I don’t want to escape,

Home is the guilt beating behind my ribcage.


You are the shadows locking the gate

You closed the window and drew the drapes

You are the black bird peering over my door

You are the heart beating under my floor.


You planted my roses,

I loved the thorns

You saw my first snow,

I loved the cold

You wrote me a poem,

I ripped it apart

You sang me a song,

And I broke your heart.


For I wanted your love,

But it drove me insane,

Your love meant that I must accept your reign

Your love brought misery, suffering,


Your love and my mind could never be tamed

You locked my door and took my life,

Hid both in a grave underneath the sunrise

A grip on my wrist and I’m running away,

From your hold I will never escape

Saw you in the mirror wearing my face,

Cracks in the glass as I

Severed a vein.


For I sang the song

That broke my heart.

I wrote the poem

And ripped it apart.

I saw my first snow,

Loved how I went numb.

I planted a rose,

Stained its thorn with my blood.


Charged guilty by my heartbeat under my floor,

I am the raven singing “Nevermore”,

I shut the window, left me forlorn,

I locked the gate to settle my score.


Imprisoned by the heart bleeding inside my chest

Imprisoned by a death without darkness

Raindrops on my skin

As I watch the sunset

I want to leave

But I can’t run yet.



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