Guiding Me


Thank you for guiding me,

For showing me

That looking around me

Is the best answer

Or the way to the best answer


I look around myself

And I see everything

And learn something new

Each day


When I look around myself,

I apply something to myself,

And look inside myself

To become the person

I hope to be


I talk to other people

To ask them how they feel,

I see their desperation

For somebody to understand

Or help

Just once

Or for once

I see how their anger

Or their despondent emotion

Is just a cry

To have one friend


I’ve see

What panic does to a person,

How they go crazy like a hurricane,

Sometimes terrified like a new born babe,

Or even angered like a cornered cat.

As I experience panic

I remember these exact things;

I take a breath and look around,

As I tamp down that fear,

Like I would with a small flame,

Knowing it could grow,

To the size

Of a wild forest fire.

When I take that breath,

And calm myself,

I find an answer with

That simple look around


The ignorance in people’s minds,

That I’ve seen,

Is what gets to me the most.

Not bothering to see

The other side

Or not knowing an answer,

Is what the precedence of

failure is.

You never see the other coming,

Like a meteor,

Crash landing,

In the middle of the day.

To succeed from this,

I’ve learned to stay away

From ignorance,

Like a prickly cactus as its peak,

Because ignorance,

Can get you into the worst

Of almost every



Because of you,

I have found a way

To be kinder than


I’ve seen reactions of many types,

All from one emotion,

I know of a person’s

Strongest kryptonite


How to fight against it.


Because of you,

I’m a better person,

And want to be better



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