Guidance Along a Windy Road

Wed, 12/11/2013 - 09:47 -- samvkul


Through daily shifts and aching pains,

many things have the tendency to change.


The friends we once set our trust in,

people who we saw as our own blood and kin,

often times even drift away,

supposedly here to stay but gone for good the next day.


As we grow up in this world,

the constant change keeps our young minds furled.


However, the times when we need stability it’s pulled from one source,

and that’s our family of course,

an undying and unrelenting force.


For the love they give,

cannot be measured by the life we live,

instead we judge simply off of what we believe love is.


But how, as a young heart,

can we comprehend care and understand the intricate emotional art.


The many role models that come and go,

hold little to no meaning as do our parents, so,

who’s to say we have nothing when we are broken down and low?


The things that matter the most,

often are the things most overlooked,

and not necessarily the things you can boast;

Not everyone is blessed,

but lucky for me, I must confess,

that despite all my challenges,

and all my stresses,

my parents never give up, until all issues are put to rest.



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