Guardian Angel

You were my oversight and it wasnt intentional not on purpose. It was God's way or maybe the fact I had restrictions. Now I wonder of all the people I've been aquainted with but hardly thought anything of. I was in discomfort, aching of paranoia. That the past would replay and no one would help me out this time but you were there to watch over me all along. Even when I was his, he did not love me. I kept swallowing all the lies he fed, hoping someday the image in my head would be accurate. He not loving who I really was and my heart holding onto something that was no longer existing brought me chances to finally learn. So I took them all. I became fully aware that words are different when they live within your soul. He was no goof for me. Demolishing my happiness and then there was you my best-friend silenty,causually picking up the pieces.



I hope I win a scholarship

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