The Guardian

Locking into place, the Guardian stands strong

keeping the red marks hidden from all

drawn upon a surface to which they do not belong.

Loosing stance, only for a while, the Guardian falls


Only to come faithfully back just in time 

before her story is unfolded for passerbys.

But still is he kept, in spite of his crime

never allowed to leave her or die. 


For the pressing fears of revealment and shame

keep her bound to the Guardian, her new best friend. 

With him nearby, no one will put her to blame

while the dreadful marks start to mend.


The Guardian is not needed, not anymore

as the road of endless time continues forward.

Clear is the slate where the marks were bore

and clear is her mind which once was blurred.


Now replaced with joy and peace from the Lord

found again through friends and the love they gave

But even though the battle was fought and warred, 

to give the Guardian up, she was not enough brave.


Wether determined to stay for old time sake

or because part of her, identity, he now had.

No longer a friend, he began to forsake

turning into a beast, the baddest of bad.


A reminder of where the marks has once stood,

of distraction and control that could be again. 

To release this Guardian, this beast, she could

She held the key, the question was when. 


She kept the fight and put off day after day

slowly rebuilding the walls that were torn down

as she lived in the past, of what happened yesterday.

All because she gave consent to the beast to drown


Then, on that fateful day, the band was snapped

and revealed were the scars she could no more see. 

The Guardian, that shameful reminder was scrapped. 

And the girl? She was able to live and be free


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