The Gruesome Massacre In Tivoli Gardens

Compatriots, we must never forget the gruesome massacre in Tivoli Gardens.
Tivoli Gardens has the lowest crime rate and it is in fact the safest place in Kingston.
Nevertheless, most of the people who live there are treated unfairly by others.
The ruling class callously violate the constitutional rights of the average persons.
Indigent residents are often bullied and terrorised by the armed forces of the state.

The Prime Minister declared a convenient and unwarranted state of public emergency.
Not surprisingly, the daft commissioner of police adopted the mind of the Nazis.
The National Arena subsequently became a temporary concentration camp.
A murderous senior superintendent of police headed the pugnacious operation.
The stupid cops assumed that people were harbouring a fugitive in Tivoli Gardens.
Further, they made a false accusation that gunmen attacked the security forces.

Police and soldiers fired shots at will into the community without aiming at a target.
They gratuitously took human lives as if they were playing a harmless video game.
The casualties of the senseless siege were young men, young women, and the elderly.
Even terrified children under eight years old were shot and killed in their bed.
We witnessed the appalling sight of dogs eating human carcasses in the streets.

Men and schoolboys were dragged from their homes and unjustly detained.
Some youths were brutalised and murdered in cold blood by the security forces.
The savage security forces burned some of the bodies of Jamaican citizens.
Soldiers hurriedly buried corpses in mass graves to falsify the actual death toll.
The names of the victims are written on the wall downtown, lest we forget.
And to add insult to injury, the judge fell asleep in court during the sham inquiry.

This gross barbarism is an embarrassment to the leadership and the entire nation.
Judiciary, the blood and the anguish of the innocent ones cry out for prompt justice.
We should strongly discourage societal discrimination against people from ghettos.
Not all the residents of Tivoli Gardens are idlers, criminals and illiterate persons.
Most of them do not mingle with robbers, parasitic dons and demonic politicians.

The state has made Tivoli Gardens the scapegoat in a politically bewitched city.
How much longer will the underprivileged people put up with prejudice and injustice?
Our worst enemies are the scummy deceivers in the “Whorehouse” of Parliament.
Aristocrats, wise up when you observe the government oppressing the poor people.
Fearlessly lash out against premeditated cruelty before it comes to your doorstep.

The evil-minded authorities have no regard for the lives of the destitute civilians.
We condemn the harassment, intimidation, abuse and slaughter of the innocent youths.
And we demand satisfactory answers from the wicked leaders without delay.
The brave residents of Tivoli Gardens are united and strong in the face of terror.
We stand resolute in the ongoing struggle against tyranny, injustice and oppression.

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