The Grudge



I’m sitting here, thinking about what to say. The page I copy from is too soaked in a salt bath to make sense.

You’d never know if you looked at me, but I house a secret that ceases to be ignored any longer. Yes I have been bullied, driven to the girl’s bathroom to bawl out my eyes from the evil venom spit at me.

Yes, I have been too scared to even think of entering the school building, so afraid I made myself vomit acid so I would be safe.

“I’ve been bullied too.” My mother would say, “Build up a wall and refuse to show them your fear.” She doesn’t know what it is like here, in high school hell.

What makes me so bad that I must be riddled with pain? What have I done to deserve the names you give me, the threats I’ve received?

I am different, yes but aren’t we all? I’m innocent of the crimes you accuse me of! I have not done anything wrong! Please accept me! Please let me feel like I’m important!

My secret is something that is whispered during the day but shouted at night.

You all who have scarred at my heart, the ones that burn my soul: you will never be forgotten.

Your names are carved in my skin, forever, there to be seen by the world.

I am the stronger of you, you rotten and hollow shells. I will never forgive and I’ll never forget as I lay in my grave.

You better pray I rest in peace, because if I ever get my revenge, you will beg for swift justice. But a grudge long held will not be resolved in one night. I will see you soon, prepare for a worse pain than you've given me.

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