The growth of Humanity

Sat, 06/10/2017 - 22:54 -- jxxh

There is a hole inside of you,

It has been there since the moment you were born,

But through life your mindful experiences will determine whether it stays there or not.


You may think that you will never fill this empty chasm inside of you,

Trying to fill it with cigarettes that burn the back of your throat,

Alcohol to warm your insides,

and Empty Lovers that leave you cold and broken.


Through this you will find your hands repairing the damage you have done,

patchwork quilts made from your heartstrings,

pulled together by the nimble fingers of a new type of lover,


Stones holding your feet flat on the ground,

solid structures balancing upon the framework of your body,

for you no longer need to run from that of which you fear,

See that the world is much more scared of you than you are of it.


Do not expect pessimism to help you,

but hope to guide you further then you think,

do not worry my child. 


This hole inside you may be there for a long time,

but over time you will feel it decrease in size,

because you will find people who show you that you can feel complete,

you will unearth yourself in the journey's you go on,

and flowers will grow from the nutrients planted inside of you.



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Our world


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