Life never turns out in the age you perceive it.

I can but mature but also can be lost at times , 

perfection and completion is how I wanted to shine.

all I wish to do is to have a better soul

full of positive energy and a heart full of gold.

My mistakes or my will no longer bother me in 2017, 

so to say I will still grow as a stronger woman with a stronger mind.

The issues of today will all be fixed in no time,

God has got my back while I still evolve a powerful mind. 

I use to be afraid of the power I could demonstrate, 

and held on to the criticism and hurtful hate. 

I was angered to know that my country is now considered a joke.

I'm focusing on a better me, for my purpose and only what I need,

to be the best Alexis.

This poem is about: 
My country


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