There is something growing inside me.

I couldn’t tell you how it got in, or what it even is, but it grows grows grows.


It’s not everyday that I feel it.

It comes and goes, and ceaselessly forgives me when I forget about it.


The roots, latched onto, into, some unknown place within me.

I feel it stretch and push and pull. It grows, and I grow with it.


This powerful existence; it must be taken care of.

It sucks up knowledge and courage.  It feeds on solitude and bliss.


As it spreads across my body, deep into my tissues, closer to my core,

We become familiar with one another. We know each other. As if we are, and always have been, one.


What do I plan to do with this thriving element within me? I’ll tell you.

I plan to let it out. Give it sound. Force. The power to infect.


Because doesn’t it, don’t I, deserve just that?

These things, they must be shared. For if they are not, they just might perish.


There is something growing inside of you. You may have noticed, or perhaps not yet.

But when you do. Savor it. Let it flourish. And most importantly, let it out. 


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