Growing up too soon

We were all children once, but we all grew up at one point. We had lead different lives and did different things. I was lucky and grew up as I became older, but yet how is it that a child who lives not even a mile from me, has had to grow up much younger than I did. How is it that, that child a nile away had to pick up a shovel and start working to provide for their family. How it is that while I was inside enjoying an ice cream that the child a mile away was outside working in the hot desert sun. Why was I given the chance to grow up years later, but that child had to grow up years younger. In what way is that right? In what world do we live in that allows that travesty, that montrosity, that cruelty to happen? And what of the child that lived next door to me, who's mother died? What happens to them? Do they carry on like I did without a care in the world? The child next door to me is now motherless, with a father that is broken, that cannot breakdown crying, that cannot grieve, that has to remain strong for the his child, the child who lives next door to me. What of that child? The child next door to me, now has to take on respondsibilities that I had never known, they had to grow up, to help their widower father who only had them. Why is it that while I was a child, there was another who grew up to soon, who had no time to make wishes on the moon, who had given up luxury so that their future wouldnt be doomed. What of that child? Why do we ignore that child? Why did I ignore that child? It is because they grew up too soon? Or was it because that I never thought that they had grown up at all?

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