Growing Tall From My Roots

Running down the stairs

With my pink embroidered dance bag

The rising temperature 

Causing my skin to moisten 

Like a melted Hershey bar 

Missing the leg hole

Struggling to pull up my light pink tights 

The pleasant smell of laundry detergent

From my leotard smacks me in the face

Rushing into class 

Sliding my canvas ballet slippers on each foot


As I warm up

My mind floats to a very lively place 

As my body move

I become oblivious to the turmoil around me

My dance teachers voices echoes through my head 

Pull up and press down into the floor 

As if you were a tree straight out of the soil 

From the roots to the leaves

I don't care if you are four feet tall Barker

I want you to appear 10 feet tall 


Hearing the music's beats

Hearing the melodies

Hearing the vocals

Running through my veins

Forcing the uncontrollable movement of my body

My feet gliding across the floor like a hockey puck sliding across the ice

Following my pointed cashew feet 

The smooth and sharp

Contracting and releasing 

Like a bursting flower

Growing tall from my roots in the face of challenges 


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