A Growing Seed

She is the product of a febuary romance.Taking a glance at her persona, you would never think that there is pain deep within her skin of dirt. Nor would you think there are internal struggles hidden within the surrounding waters of her brown eyes. There is always more to what you see. But then again, everyone has a story. Born into a world of a so called "Democracy", where society teaches her that without an education she will amount to nothing. So she kept her mind on the books. With her parents making sure the books stayed on her mind. She remained blind to the foreshadowing forever dazed in her naiive. Shouts, roars and fights tuned out every night. Never thinking everything she knew could be gone. Setting of for a fresh new start,parents divorced and the family divided apart, things finally seem to be going right. As she grew older, she noticed the world grew colder. Not everyonce is who they are said to be. With the absence of a daughter's protector, and the lost connection with the woman who once held her in her womb, she saw how easy it was to be consumed into the evil distractions around her. Falling, victim to things she saw on tv and the lustful lyrics she listened to. She became someone she thought she never would. It was a spring morning when she held in her arms the product of a summer fling. Right then she had an epiphany. She got her mind back on the books keeping the books on her mind. Determind to create a better life for her offspring. Proving, that with an ambitious state of mind you can achieve anything. For she is a flower before it blooms. She lies deep within the grass under the trees. She is a growing seed.


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