Growing Pains

I have lived my whole life sheltered from the world

Growing in mind, but never in spirit

So much I had missed living inside

Watching life pass me by

The ache of a day's work and accomplishment are what I know

Strength has accompanied me

I feel it in my heart, in my bones, in my life

I am changing

Hard work and Harmony are words that I follow

Mind over matter

What matters what does not

The Rule of the heavens,

The signs that life shows us

Metaphors for our existence

I feel the hope growing within me

The sun and air nurturing inside me

I am surviving now

Once alone now with a purpose.

I remember him and the way we use to be

Shy and quiet

Apprehensive and unsure

I miss him and the past

His arms on my shoulders

The smell of damp wool and horse and tack

I loved you, but I was scared


I love you, but I am scared

There are many people that I see

That I encounter each day

I wonder if I will see her again

The closer I come to her

The harder the journey seems

What I am faced with every day

Is a challenge

Men who take advantage of the weak and innocent

Who think they have won because no one will know

Men who hunt others for the war to bring them back to hell

Men who do not care of a woman and her child

Of what will happen when there is no more to give

There are times when I think of what sorrows the war has brought

The depth of despair



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