Growing Old(er)

I feel so sad right now. For one, I've gotten as fat as a cow!

I rarely remember what's not written down. Sometimes I smile, but usually I frown.

So quickly the years keep fading away. My rich brown hair is turning gray.

I miss the old days, & that's the truth - when I was able; I miss my youth.

Everyone is always so crazy busy. I can't keep up; it just makes me dizzy.

I wanted so to finally be free, free to live alone and just be me!

It's a war 'tween my wants & my needs, both rushing about at mighty speeds.

If ever I find a way to catch up, perhaps I'll be able to refill my cup.

Fill it indeed - right up to the brim, jump into the ocean & go for a swim,

sing & dance & laugh nonstop, & drink in the sunshine until I drop.

That's what I'll do, I'll do it now - as soon as I find who, what, when, where, & how.

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My family
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