Growing... Oh, you're growing!

To my younger self,


I did not know

I did not sow

Oh, how you’ve come to grow


In this battle I must have shown

How weak and jaded I’ve become


Ridden with burden and distrust,

Colored with grey hues of disgust,

The scars that define me now guide me,

Locked away in battle with heart


But in the wake of this sorrow and pain,

I look to the stars above,

Glistening and guiding me along the way,


The tears that stream down the river,

Have trapped a fish without water,


It must escape,

It must escape,

Just like I must escape,


In my hope,

And this despair

I must confess

I always knew you at your best


And in your worst,

You  must forgive,


Find a way to escape


Like a fish without water,

Gasping for air,

You must bare

For better days are yet to come


Now knowing,

I am sowing,


Oh, look at how much you are growing




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