Growing Up is Not Fun

As children, we wished to grow up quickly.

To move far away from our pertinacious parents,

To come home to a flawless family of our own.

It all happened so fast.

Playing outside until the sun walked away

Turned into endless nights of studying

Riding bikes with our neighborhood friends

Became speeding in cars with the wrong people.

The only pain we felt were the scrapes on our knees from running too fast

We became reserved people in an effort to numb the enduring emotional pain.

The only fake friends we had were our imaginary ones

We were quick to learn that even our best friends would stab us in the back.

Our moms picking our outfits in the morning

Turned into obsessing over our appearance, so that were not judged by our peers.

Our only sadness came from Santa not granting us the toy we begged for

Which evolved into states of depression for reasons we could not understand.

We know now

To cherish our moments.

We dreamed of growing up

And it is not what we imagined it to be.

And now all we want to do

Is go back.

Because growing up

Is not fun. 


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