Growing Human


Innocence lost
Facade found
Three year olds do remember
Who would have thought?
Growing tougher
Growing up
Growing out
The names, wicked names
No time to cry
Growing tougher
Growing responsible
Role model
Stand in parent
Too much
Growing tougher
Smoke and burning liquid
Fills the high school
Fills the mind
Mindless behavior
Growing dumb
Going numb
Stand alone
Fix me
Nix me
It gets better
Genuine happiness
Genuine friends
Genuine family
Genuine love
Growing sadness
Thicker skin
Growing tougher
Horizontal for days
Dark room
Dark tomb
What is light?
Vodka and gin
Meaningless sex
What is the meaning of sex?
A way to feel
Use me
Use me
Lose me
In you
No shame
Growing away
Around death
Car crash
Death surrounds me
Horrible sadness
Steely eyed
Can't cry
Does it ever end?
Circle of life
Life inside
Growing life
Not so fast
Taken away
Every thing away
Death inside me
Growing black
Growing defeated
Growing fake smiles
Growing stronger
For you
But what about me?
It's never about me
Everything muted
Everything computed
Growing tougher
Growing human


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