Growing Breathing Becoming


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I could feel her growing, breathing, becoming.
Becoming a girl born to a girl.
Yes, 20 years of age is said to be adult, but responsibility and accountability I lacked.
Sophomore in college.
I didn't even no me how could I get to know her?
Growing, breathing, becoming.
Growing up partying became less of an adventure more of an hassle.
Breathing life into my child was my only concern.
Becoming a mommy and a woman all at once.
Knowing I alone would be responsible for molding a young mind.
I set aside my friends, but not my pursuit of knowledge
Growing, Breathing Becoming..
Inside of me was life, strength and hope ready to blossom in to this world of shame and sin.
Saturday October 20, 2012 at 2:52pm. I saw her face, And I knew my life was forever changed.
Growing Breathing Becoming.


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