Growing Up and Glowing Up

Kids, one of the most amazing things created. 

Very important, very adorable. 

Always a kid?

By heart, yes; by age, no. 

Kids learn, in fact, we all learn. 

Kids or not, we learn everyday. 

Learning that not everyone will stay. 

We’re going to lose people. 

We’re going to be alone at one point. 

But experiences help us learn. 

Learn that we won’t always be a kid. 

We have to grow up and accept the fact that…

We have to support ourselves. 

Graduate high school. 

Go to college or get a full time job. 

I’m 17 as of right now. 

And I don’t consider myself as a kid anymore. 

What made me realize that?

I realized when I got a job. 

I bought my own things, my parents didn’t have to. 

I bought my own food. 

I bought my own phone. 

I bought my own clothes and my own shoes. 

I payed gas. 

I payed bills. 

I felt like an adult. 

And I realized I’m not longer a kid anymore. 

I have to work hard for my money. 

I know stuff that I never knew back then. 

I know that I have to work hard for my stuff. 

Back then, I thought my parents were going to give me anything. 

Anything I wanted. 

But I never got a new phone because they couldn’t afford it. 

So I bought my own phone. 

And bought my dad a new one.

Payed my mom to take me places when I couldn’t drive. 

I’m saving up to get a car so I can move out. 

Such an important lesson I have learned. 

I don’t just get things handed to me. 

I have to earn them. 

I’m not getting things for free. 

I just don’t want people thinking I’m fake. 

I’m not. I’m real. And I’m me. 

You can’t change that. 

No one can. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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