Growing Alone


I never saw it coming.

I wasn’t prepared for this

Reality slapped me in the face

And forced me to pack away the last vestiges of childhood

And set me on the road to realizations,

And proved everything in my head false.

I was forced to see everything life had to offer.


I never saw it coming.

I didn’t think it would be so hard.

Buried so deeply in forgotten memories and made up stories

Will I ever find a way out?

Its time, I think, to pick myself up

And move off of the middle of the pathway

And start to make my own


I never saw it coming.

I never wanted this to happen

The ghost of a child’s hand beckons me, promising to help.

But I know it’s a lie

By now, I’ve closed myself off from the people around me.

Other travelers.

Trying to move on through the world on my own


I never saw it coming.

I could never imagine the consequences.

What if I was moving in the wrong direction?

Or what if this was all a dream?

Except that I know its not.

I’ve dreamt before, and this wasn’t the stuff of dreams


I never saw it coming.

I cant help but struggle against time

I never stopped to ask questions

I never tried to stop the clock


I grew up. 




Wonderfully written; grammar and style are incredible in your piece.

Concepts of confusion mixed with the dilusion of monotomy in time.

It is an amazing poem.

If I could offer one piece of advice it would be to expand on your imagery of the roads. It is already a very powerful part of the poem, but if increased it could create a greater pertinance to the constant passing of time, the necessity to search for overgrown pathways. Really give people a sense that there is direction but never certainty: you don't have a compass concept.

I love the lines on the other travelers, the closing off of yourself from others. It signifies that yes there are other travelers on the road but no you do not seek out their help. The idea that everyone is just as lost as you are.

I absolutely love this piece. I probably could keep rambling on and on about how much I like it!

Keep writing.

All the best too you!

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