Growing Up


United States


Remember when you couldn’t wait to grow up?Sneaking your mother’s makeup on while she’s at workOr, prancing around your room with shoes twice your size.Well,Now, all grown upWhen you wear makeup, a label is slapped on you saying you are insecure and society is corrupting your minds!And the, thought of you wearing heels all day makes you cringe and rub your feetRemember when you couldn’t wait to grow up?Riding your bike with your eyes closed pretending it was a ConvertibleOr you and your best friend talking on your Walkie Talkies until your Mom yells at you to go to bedWell,Now, all grown upYou rather walk 5 miles to and fro before the thought of you putting gas in your tank crosses your mind.And less than 75% of home owners own a landline because well, what’s the point?No one is home anymore.Everyone is speeding through lifeTo be bigger and betterCause you know, the grass is always greener on the other side.Right?Or could it be brown and burnt from all the feet running byNeglecting itForgetting to plant the seeds for the next generations flowers.Remember when you couldn’t wait to grow up?Hating when your dad made you take a napOr drinking Apple juice in the early mornings?Well,Now, all grown up,The thought of a nap makes you sigh in contentment and you can picture your face hitting your nice soft pillowAnd with the Arsenic scare you’d much rather go for a cup of OJOr better yet, why not America’s finestDunkin DonutsA Coffee Coolatta and what goes better with it than a Sausage, egg and cheese on a bagelAdding I don’t know 1280 calories to you freshly started morning.Oh how you wish you were younger where you can eat all day long and gain not an inch.Remember when you couldn’t wait to grow up?Blowing smoke out your mouth on those cold winter afternoonsOr playing tag with your friends until after the street lights came onOnly if your mom let youWell,Now, all grown upYou witness the sad sight of people younger and younger ruining their premature lungs but rather than stepping upCause you know, it takes a village to raise a childYou turn a blind eye,Better yet a black, diseased ridden, tar covered film covers your eyesAs you pretend not to noticeAnd the faces of your once juvenile friends have a permanent home in your memory bankRight next to the memory of you loosing your first toothRemember when you couldn’t wait to grow up?NoYou can’t cause society has programmed you.Your only memory consist of what show comes on tonight on HBO and the Mr. Softee theme song.You work your 9 to 5Better yet in today’s time and day it’s a 9 to 5 then a 7 to 11Then a date with traffic court because you were so deep in thought you didn’t see the red Octagon hiding in the corner behind your neighbors over grown treeThat you desperately asked him to trim for monthsBut it doesn’t matter because excuses have no place in realityThe only thing you have to show in the end is your memories and experiences you’ve gained while growing upNow that your all grown upAre you happy?Are you content?Do you feel that your older self would make your younger self proud?If so then kudos to youBut if not, don’t worry, your not done growing up yet!


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