Growing Up

Being a kid was just the start

Everything was a work of art

Life was stress free with no worries at all

Having fun all day long

Dancing with the wind like a song 

The wasn't a day I didn't want to go out and play

Spontaneous sleepovers with my cousins were all a blast

So much running, not surprised I got a cast

I was always the jolly kid, always smiling 

The blood result made us drop

When will I get peace  or when will it ever stop?

Our world turned upside down when I got diagnosed.

From watching the sun rise 

To having pain and tears in my eyes

The pain made me mature at an early age

From going to Mexico and counting stars

To having many surgical scars

I took problems head-on and grew from there

My body so tired

I.V. lines and tube feeds having me wired

Being brave and strong are what helped me become the person I am today

Unfortunely, all good things come to an end

It's the meaning of life, my dear old friend 


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