Growing Up


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One day you realize

Life is tough

that’s when you know

You’re gonna grow up

There’s no way to escape it

no turning back

You have to commit

to your own life’s path

You can’t copy others

they do their own things

You need be creative

spread your own wings

As you grow you’ll understand it more

The world will look different

than it did before

You remember

What you did, when you were young

You’ll see no point

There’s no more fun

Your friends will change

You can't keep them all

You gotta keep going

You need to evolve

You must look towards the future

Don’t live in the past

You get one life

And it goes by fast

The choices you make

are quite a big part

they’ll open doors

give you a new start

You must stay determined

to do great in life

or live with the burden

of losing the fight

You’ll have to work

More is expected

You need to grow up

to be respected

There’s no easy way through it

it just comes with time

Though you want to quit

there’s always more to find


You must try harder

put more in

giving up so early

is such a sin

If growing up weren’t a challenge

what fun would it be?

A life without struggle

is no life for me

Embrace difficulty

Embrace complication

For these make up

character foundation

When it comes to be too much

turn to family or a friend

Use their words as a crutch

to help you walk again

You’ll stumble often along your way

you have to get up

don’t run away

Others just can’t grow up

Everything’s a joke to them

Eventually time will catch up

and they’ll have to start again

We need to accept

that life won’t stop

Take your bad attitude

and make a swap

Keep gaining responsibility

Mix it with trust

and positivity

Hold your dreams tight

and don’t let go

strive for what’s right

You won’t hit low

Growing up will be challenging

Have no regrets

Just keep going

You’re not finished yet

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