Grow up and glow up

Over the years I have been young, but not young minded 

Ive been strong, but not full of power. 

I have grown and glown over time; swiftly you might think 

faster than you could count to nine. 

Over the years I have been observant of my surroundings.

losing friends, losing close family members all due to me 

growing and seeing what are truly. Day by day it becomes 

just as clear as an mirror, I have terror in me as once before.

growing up it maybe hard to process losing people you wanted 

to be around forever but once again as I said before each year, 

you become more clever. 

Grow and glow, don’t be Afraid to show. 

To show the truth within you, to show the ability of maturity and growth.

Sometimes you become to advanced, as a grow into a young woman within 

my pants. I grow and glow just to show the people that doubted and crowded 

me with lies and disbelief within myself. 

Create your GROWTH and GLOW process. 


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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