The rhythm of the soul never changes

Men may change

Seasons may change

Rulers may change

One thing that never changes

is the rhythm

a small tap

growing and dying away

the rhythm dies down sometimes

it fades away, maybe changes shape

but it's never completely gone

it's just waiting

waiting to be started up again

by the blessing of a friend

or a reprieval 

of a cardinal sin

There is more than just a rhythm though

there's a groove

people say that life is harsh, and mean

and messed up, but the truth is

it's only as mean as you ask it to be

you pluck the thick metal bass strings

to your own rhythm of life

It just depends on what you wanna play

do you want to play with the other musicians

supporting the way they are playing

maybe you will play a leading role,

bursting off into incredible melodic phrases

changing the way others play their instrument

or maybe you will play fast and loud and powerful

your soul screaming away, forcing a huge presence

or maybe, if you are like me

you will make your own groove

to the rhythm of the soul


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