Dear authors,

Please stop writing love stories.

Write something a bit more realistic.

Would someone please write a book about divorce?

More marriages end this way than happily ever after, after all.

But maybe that's why I like your stories better.

When reality is fog to me I see fiction clearer

Is it my fault for preferring sandwiches with the crew of the Argo II than Thanksgiving with lasers burning holes across the table?


When did I become so cynical, was I always like this? 

I think deep down I was.

I always knew when my dad was having trouble at work because that was when his smiles to me and my mother were forced

Because love of his job surpassed love for his family

I think I knew when he began cheating because that was the time I don't remember 

I remember what stories I read and the names of my favorite characters but reality was covered by a veil


I remember throwing my book of Disney fairytales against the wall and curiously picking up Grimm and I remember how Grimm never ended in happily ever after and how I thought to myself that this must be fairytales for grownups because grownups don't like fiction as much as I do and I remember how I didn't pick up my Disney book that night before bed but tucked Grimm under my arm instead


I remember watching my family split along fractured fault lines

I remember listening to them fight beyond my door and wondering when my parents' Disney love turned into something out of Grimm

What I don't remember is the exact moment when love became fiction to me

I've never remembered that moment precisely and for that I am infinitely grateful


So authors, please don't write love stories

Write about something more plausible, like dragons

At least I've seen the dragons, in my head

When's the last time you saw true love?



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